Individualized study over time for clergy teams and/or lay leadership; customized to suit your individual and congregational needs; designed to enhance communal worship through clarification of vision, innovative congregational engagement, deepening understanding of the liturgy, and expansion of textual and musical resources.

Prayer as Practice

  • What’s the point? The importance of developing a personal relationship with the words of the siddur and articulating a vision for congregational worship.
  • Studying the deep truths and values expressed through our liturgy, and allowing these values to influence our daily lives and the lives of those around us.
  • Removing stumbling blocks, for oneself and for one’s congregants.
  • Facilitating communal worship effectively and creatively, in order to change the worshipper and the world.
  • Examining the concept of “success” as it relates to the worship experience.

Crafting Worship that Works

  • What on earth are we doing here? Vision, ownership, flow, engagement, depth, impact.
  • Who do we think we are? How does a Shaliach Tzibbur both facilitate and get out of the way at the same time?
  • Tools and techniques designed for mindful choices in repertoire and liturgy
  • Building relationships with and amongst the worshippers
  • Empowering congregants to take responsibility for their own prayer experience.

The Role of the Shaliach Tzibbur

Exploring and articulating one's own perspectives on the act of prayer, the efficacy of congregational worship, theology, and our personal and evolving relationship with the words of the siddur.

Contemporary Liturgical Repertoire

New melodies for ancient words, and how to share them productively and sensitively in the context of worship.

Tachlis Tools and Techniques for Facilitating Communal Worship

  • Choosing appropriate and effective repertoire and text
  • Introducing new music in the context of worship
  • Creating spontaneous/creative/interactive prayer moments thru music, movement and more
  • Navigating new music, transitions, creating deep musical moments, engaging congregants, making the most of the choir, empowering the congregational voice.

Teaching “Prayer” or Teaching “Prayers” (for Educators or Lay Leaders)

Educating toward relevance, appreciation, and integration of the words and acts of prayer in synagogue, in school, and in life.

Cantor Dreskin brought to us spiritual insights, great wisdom, and soulful prayer. Cantor Dreskin also guided me and the other shlichei tzibur in our own preparations for prayer, so that we could create a more meaningful experience for our congregants. Her lessons guide our preparation every week!

Rabbi Rick Kellner, Congregation Beth Tikvah, Columbus, OH

As a Cantor who is among the most spiritually attuned rabbinic minds I know, Ellen Dreskin will not merely challenge your operative assumptions, she will rewire your operating system...
Having co-led worship together for an S3K Multi-synagogue leadership retreat, I can honestly say that Ellen's holistic approach will enable you to reassess your role as service leader, and renew your vision of the ba-al tefilah you can become. She will help you access a set of sacred tools you did not know you had!

Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman, Larchmont Temple, Larchmont, NY