Some of the topics I love to teach (please see Consultation page for even more ideas):

Relevant Judaism 101
A variety of program templates and exercises to use with Temple Boards, Ritual Committees, Family Retreats, Teacher Training, or Congregational Town Halls, designed to trigger discussion and excitement around Prayer, Torah, God, and the integration of one’s spirituality into one’s everyday life.

The Glamour in the Grammar
Unpacking and breathing new life into some of our most routinized prayers. Together, we’ll look between the lines of the siddur and uncover relevant truths for today's world. No Hebrew knowledge necessary, even as we use the Hebrew structure and themes of the liturgy to bring new life to these ancient words.

The Unique Role of Music in Communal Worship: Should Form Follow Function?
Understanding what goes into the selection of appropriate repertoire for communal worship, and how can it be customized to fit each individual congregation. We’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the power of music within prayer, and why we can be so un-nerved when a new melody is introduced.

Whom Shall I Say is Calling? Music as Theology
What does the music we choose tell us about what we believe?

Prayer as Practice: The Relevance of Communal Worship in Today’s World
Much like exercise, yoga, or meditation, a prayer-practice has the power to challenge, energize, and rejuvenate. By changing the one who prays, one just might change the world.

What’s God Got to Do With It: Can I Pray if I Don’t Believe?
The answer is yes. A no-pressure non-theological approach to the siddur.

What Difference Does it Make? Introduction to Jewish Mysticism 
What are some of the basic perspectives of the Jewish mystic, and what impact might they have on our lives and our world today. 

Contemporary Liturgical Repertoire: Dan Nichols, Noah Aronson, Josh Nelson, Peri Smilow, Julie Silver, Stacy Beyer, and more. Expanding congregational repertoire as well as your capacity to integrate new tunes seamlessly into communal worship. (For shlichei tzibbur, or others interested in enlarging one’s congregational melody toolbox.)

Instant Choir Sing-Along: Discover the joy of singing together! Easy-to-learn melodies and harmonies for use in communal worship. No musical expertise necessary.


Ellen not only brings incredible teaching on any liturgical or spiritual subject - particularly kabbalah, prayer, innovative worship, and music - but works in advance with choirs, leads Torah study, can do afternoon or evening programs, and most importantly builds relationships with and between all parts of your community.

Cantor Rosalie Boxt, Temple Emanuel, Kensington, MD

I cross the Atlantic to have the chance to learn from Cantor Ellen Dreskin: My experience of her as a teacher and workshop leader has taught me time and again that I'll always come away with new learning, both practical and spiritual. Whether I am a participant in Ellen's classes or co-teaching with her, I am guaranteed to be in the presence of a passionate, organised, creative teacher who has taken the time to think through what her group needs, no matter their size or base of knowledge, and she will have found an innovative, fun way to impart her wisdom. Learning from Cantor Ellen Dreskin is not to be missed!

Cantor Zoe Jacobs, Finchley Reform Synagogue, London, England